• AimPoint Digital Level - PREORDER ONLY
  • AimPoint Digital Level - PREORDER ONLY

AimPoint Digital Level - PREORDER ONLY



AimPoint Digital Level 

Expected delivery date 17th December 2017.

Do you want the perfect putting aid to complement the AimPoint green reading method? Are you looking to better your judgement of slope on the green? 

One if the key components is judging the slope percentage but how do you practice judging slope? Well this is the ideal tool to see your technique improve drastically. The AimPoint Digital level let you practice slope, being the only level on the market which displays percentage as oppose to degrees. Use the digital level available from to gauge and practice slope feel in play. With level between the feet, whilst in midpoint the readout in % shows the slope amount, which will then allow you to choose the right chart for break. Across the toes also in midpoint position, helps you check if you’re in your position correctly, the readout should be 0.5% or less to be satisfactory (although you can be 1.5% out and still make the putt in some situations) Please note If your using a digital level it has to have % reading as the ˚ numbers are not compatible with the AimChart©

'This is a practice aid I wouldn't be without. Knowing the slope % means I can really practice judging the slope of a green and combining it with the AimPoint Express PLG means I can practice the entire AimPoint Express read method'