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Ro&Chi Mini Mirror

Ever just wanted to be able to quickly check alignment and aim? Sick of having to carry a large putting mirror around to do so? 

Ro&Chi's most popular product, the Mini Mirror is the perfect putting aid for any golfer looking to improve their putting. It's small, lightweight and compact design delivers the alignment and set up benefits of it's bigger brother, the Putting Line Mirror, without the space taken up but the device. Its small size sees the Ro&Chi Mini Mirror able to fit in a pocket on the golf bag or trousers and throw down when desired. This delivers peace of mind that you can always check you aim and alignment even on the course; a benefit that only the Ro&Chi Mini Mirror can offer.


"Putting mirrors. Anybody who takes golf and their putting seriously has one. They're an important tool. Having your eyes directly above the ball (for a straight back and through stroke) or slightly inside the ball (for an arced stroke) is an important fundamental. As is the alignment of your eyes and the position of your dominant eye. I also like to use a mirror to ensure my head stays still - another vital component of a consistent putting stroke.

Traditional putting mirrors have a number of flaws, however. Firstly, they're far too big. They come in a large case and, in the case of a mini tour golfer like myself, if you want to check your address position prior to playing, they require a trip back to the car because you can't just slip them into your golf bag before you hit the first tee.

Their second flaw is directly related to their first. Because they are usually so big, they are susceptible to snapping and breaking, especially in untidy car boots like mine! Throw your clubs on top of a putting mirror, and you now have two or more mirrors.

When Woody Imports sent me the new Roechi Golf Mini Mirror to try out, I was intrigued. At first I couldn't find it in the mail, as my girlfriend found it the perfect size to use a vanity mirror in her handbag. Cheeky devil. But therein lies its main quality - if it fits in a handbag, it fits in a golf bag.

At the size of a large drinks coaster, the Roechi Golf Mini Mirror is the perfect portable training aid. Simply keep it in your golf bag, pull it out whenever you feel like you need it, put it behind the ball, aligning the line up with the target, and look down to see if your beautiful blue eyes are where they should be. It really is that simple. It even has a line to ensure your putter face is square to the target line.

Traditional putting mirrors tend to need to be fixed into the ground with tees - meaning you stand in one place hitting the same putt over and over, as you gradually sink into your own footprints in the green. Green keepers don't like that, I can assure you. What I like about the Roechi Golf Mini Mirror is you can pick it up, throw it down in different locations on the green with ease, and hit a variety of putts in a shorter space of time. Different lengths and different slopes. 

So there you have it. If you want a portable, light, cheap way of checking your eye position and alignment, the latest offering by Roechi Golf really is the best solution. I'm keeping mine in my bag from now on. Anything that helps my golf and reminds me how incredibly handsome I am, is always a winner!

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Will Fox